1. To accelerate patient access to medical instruments

2. To contribute to human welfare by application of biomedical engineering in the sale of instruments or appliances that relieve pain, restore health and prolong life

About us

FET Eagles is a leading international company in the supply of medical and scientific equipment. Based in Nigeria with a branch office in Czech Republic, Europe.

FET Eagles is well placed to serve you for your complete supply requirements. The FET Eagles client list includes Nigerians private and public hospitals. However, we also work with small companies and supplies through our mail order to nurses, physicians and the public.



Fast delivery

FET Eagles offers you the shortest delivery time and has a committed team all working to ensure on-schedule delivery

Medical Equipment and Supplies

FET Eagles being one of the leading suppliers of medical equipment and products.

The range is from medical disposables to Radiology and Theatre equipment. We have been supplying in the UK and abroad. We keep stocks, arrange the logistics and tracking of large orders; we are a registered supplier to many UN organisations and international companies

Scientific and Laboratory Equipment

 Our wide experience in the equipping of hospitals led to our involvement in the equipping of faculties of medicine at universities.

This further developed to take in biological sciences and the fields of engineering, with specialists joining the organisation.

We can supply from small beakers to specialised research equipment.


FET Eagles supplies a wide range of pharmaceuticals including vaccines and biologicals. The range is based on the WHO list of Essential Medicines. It includes tablets, capsules, ampoules, and infusions. Cold chain transport is maintained for certain items.

Vocational Education Equipment

The services of specialists are available for installation, commissioning and providing training to instructors. We specialise in Turnkey projects equipping hospitals, laboratories and universities.
A team of management and technical personnel with considerable experience in hospital projects particularly in Nigeria and other Africa nations, we are well placed to offer the best value proposals.

As well as Hospital projects, FET Eagles supplies equipment and training aids to:
Higher secondary schools
Technical training institutes and Universities.
The services of specialists on all these subjects are available for installation, commissioning and providing training to instructors.

Surgical Instruments

FET Eagles supply some of the finest quality instruments available anywhere. All FET Eagles instruments are thoroughly checked before delivery, ensuring consistent quality of workmanship and materials – and reflecting our constant focus on winning your confidence in our products and efficiency. Our experienced, highly trained staff offer you a total solution.

We are a registered supplier to many UN organisations and international companies.


With our global expertise, we specialise in turnkey projects equipping hospitals, laboratories and universities.  Our teams of management and technical people have considerable experience in hospital projects, particularly in Nigeria and other  Africa nations offering cost-effective proposals.


FET Eagles offers:

• Project Planning
• Testing
• Project Management
• Technical Training
• Equipment Scheduling
• Installation And Commissioning
• Technical Evaluation

• Inventory Preparation
• Procurement
• After Sales Service
• Design
• Hospital Management
• Room Data Sheets
• Warranty
• Maintenance

Training of Medical Personnel

Your new examination and treatment rooms are ready; equipment just needs to be switched on. To ensure optimum performance, FET Eagles offers these support services:


Our specialist will explain the operation and applications, demonstrate and supervise staff performance.


Regardless of whether the goods need to be dispatched by sea, land or air, FET Eagles uses the specific means of transportation, which meets the customer’s needs and requirements. We facilitate deliveries through a network of reliable, ISO-certified and preferred forwarders in order to keep track of the consignment and to safeguard the quality. If necessary, we select local forwarders for final transportation and distribution to facilitate door-to-door deliveries.

In all cases, we monitor the entire transport cycle and the forwarders’ performance.  we possess all the capabilities necessary for providing excellent and reliable forwarding services to suit all eventualities, at competitive prices. We monitor the reliability of our logistics services continuously to determine whether parts of the process can be optimized

Further education

We undertake training on equipment on-site or at a FET Eagles training centre in Nigeria. Trainees are updated on advanced medical techniques and given documentation on the latest diagnostic methods. Your technicians learn from our experienced medical professionals